You will hear Belinda before you actually see her – “Laugh loud and carry on” would be her motto in life.  This manifesto serves her well, as she is our people person.  Drawing from her decades of experience in both retail and gallery environments, you will find her chewing the fat with whoever crosses her path – I think these days, the term is ‘over sharer’ – we will let you decide.  Belinda also comes to us with almost a decade of artist management and promotion gained from her time in the contemporary jewellery industry.  So whether you be an artist or a student, Belinda will make you feel right at home.  Just bring your ear plugs (don’t say we didn’t warn you).



What can’t this woman do?  Her chosen title would be something like “Jill of all Trades, Master of None” (her words, not ours).  But truth be told, she is our Master of All Trades – a sage, a factotum, a genius of sorts. Thankfully for us, Bree has it covered.  Graphic designer, website builder, IT specialist, photographer, workshop facilitator (clients include The Royal Children’s Hospital, Fotokids in the highlands of Guatemala, Blossom Project.) – Bree is our go-to woman.  And in this day and age, let’s face it – you need to be across everything.  Bree Hankinson’s updated title –TWW’s Renaissance Woman”.  Yep… that fits.

Sarah and Bree (sisters by the way) also act as the stars of Santiago Sunbird, an art, illustration and design get up featuring bespoke wedding and event stationery – look them up, you’ll discover a veritable feast of fanciful flora.


The Windsor Workshop’s Artist in Residence, Watercolour Whiz Kid, Fashion Illustrator, or Daydreamer Extraordinaire – Sarah brings the je ne sais quoi to this lovely line up of Lassies.  As one of Australia’s leading Fashion Illustrators, you can find her work in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, and for campaigns such as Maybelline, City of Sydney and Urban Walkabout. Having recently completed a residency in New York, her work now extends across the globe to both the US of A and the UK.  Don’t let Sarah’s aura of divinity fool you though – she is sassy and spirited and brings her strong sense of ingenuity to this well styled ensemble.