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What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. Jess was friendly, approachable and very informative. I left with a beautiful clutch bag having had no experience working with leather before. I would whole heartedly recommend this workshop. Thanks for a lovely day guys
— Natasha, March 2017
It was a great class taught be the very talented Jess Wootten and hosted by the always lovely hostesses with the mostest Bel & Bree. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable and it was great to walk away with a beautiful leather bag made by me.
— Rebecca, March 2017
My sister and I attended this class and it was absolutely fantastic! The space was great and we were well taken care of with good food, good wine, and good people. The bag we got to make was beautiful and I am excited to use my new skills on future projects. And last but definitely not least, Jess from Wootten was a awesome teacher, extremely friendly and provided easy to follow instructions.
— Anthea, March 2017
Absolutely loved this class! I’m no artist by any stretch, but the class takes you through step-by-step so that you can feel confident creating abstract art with a few different techniques. The casual vibe was great as well, and it was a nice chance to eat good food while zoning out and painting!
— Jennifer, March 2017
This was a very friendly workshop that made everyone feel welcome. Could have gone a little bit faster, such as learning two techniques at a time, so that we could push on ahead if we wanted. Delicious lunch.
— Olivia, Feb 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed creating a weaving with my daughter in an atmosphere of learning, fun and creativity. I’d highly recommend this workshop.
— Ellen, Feb 2017
The workshop was everything a workshop should be, relaxed, enjoyable and informative.
— Jackie, Feb 2017
The Cookie swap was the nicest night out I have had in a long time. It was great meeting new people, running into some new friends and of course all of the cookies. The venue was lovely, the food was amazing and the idea was just perfect. I hope there is another one in 2017!
— Adrian, December 2016
It was a great night - the host Dannie was so generous and fun - I went with my sister and met like minded people there and gain a whole stack of skills around arranging cookies and wrapping as gifts. The highlight was the wrapping station and VIPs who were super helpful.
— Kathryn, December 2016
This was my first time at the Windsor Workshop & my first time working with leather. Created a lovely Handmade Wootten tan leather clutch with perfectly imperfect tan leather with helps thanks to Jess. A lovely relaxed environment. Loved the workshop! Looking forward to the next Wootten Workshop!
— Narelle, November 2016
Had a brilliant time! Lots of fun and a beautiful space to work in.
— Jessica, November 2016
I learnt a few cross stitch techniques to help make my cross stitching look more “polished”. I also enjoyed delicious food and drinks with my friend and fellow cross stitchers!
— Amanda, November 2016
Libby offered cross stitch technique that was particularly helpful for beginners. As someone that had cross stitched before, it was nice to see how a ‘professional’ would do it. I was really keen to see how a pattern was created, as I would like to create my own for my extended family. Libby was attentive to the needs of the class and was able to get around and checkin on all participants. The venue itself was a beautiful space, along with the styling, food and Pimms punch! The timing of the class, location and access to parking and public transport made this an accessible workshop. I will definitely be heading back there again.
— Zahara, November 2016
It was such a wonderful treat getting into my creativity again through making Nichos. It was so relaxing and inviting. As simple as they may look it still required a creative process and that’s what I was looking for -to think creatively again! Thank you Maria for making me think outside “my” box again! Now I want to try them for myself! 💀❤️🌹❤️💀
— Sandra, October 2016
Gorgeous hosts, very friendly, relaxed and cosy vibe, yum food (and margarita!). Better than any kind of therapy around.
— Jan, October 2016
The rope jewelry class was a great way to learn about basic weaving techniques that could be applied to jewelry and baskets. Swoon worthy materials and a excellent space to work in, I have definitely found another crafting obsession and am looking forward to booking more classes at The Windsor Workshop.
— Amanda, September 2016
Loved every minute! It was well organised, great vibe and the catering was delicious! Learned heaps from Philippa who was very generous with her advice, assistance and resource tips.
— Meg, August 2016
Although I’ve worked with watercolours before, I found Sarah Hankinson’s simple instructions illuminating. The class was very well organised with materials set out and exercises demonstrated. We were able to accomplish quite a number of pieces as a well as enjoy a gourmet lunch which made the day very satisfying. And yes, I would recommend this to others, especially those who’ve always wanted to try watercolours.
— Erica, July 2016
Had a lovely time at the pendant making workshop. I really enjoyed working with the wax and the fine detail that was needed for this kind of work. It was a small group so there was lots of one on one learning and a delicious lunch to top it all off! Very inspired to keep playing with the technique in my own time now.
— Kate, June 2016
This class was fantastic! It was well organised, beautifully presented and the topic presenters were both relaxed and easy to follow. The class was such a great little creative outlet for me - I will be back! Loved!! Thank you Sweet bakes, Santiago Sunbird and The Windsor Workshop xx
— Ainsley, June 2016
This duo of watercolour on paper and watercolour on cookies, was a great introduction to watercolours for beginners and for those more familiar with this medium, offered a bit of something extra in a new edible media. It was very well organised, catered, and the fact that materials were provided was a bonus! Instructors were helpful, friendly and offered all kinds of advice when asked. I would not hesitate to recommend this class and venue to anyone!
— Natasha, June 2016
Loved this class! It was the best way to spend a Sunday. Great people, fun times and incredible food and drink. I have already signed up for another class. Massive fan!
— Lucy, April 2016
This class was amazing! Thanks to both the instructors and the ladies running the venue for creating such a fun, informative, relaxed and creative day.
— Suzie, April 2016
It was a beautiful venue and a fantastic workshop. We not only learned techniques and the little tricks of weaving from the lovely ladies of warped threads but also had one on one time with them when we struggled applying the techniques on our own. The windsorworkshop itself was a beautiful bright space and the ladies behind this amazing business themselves are absolutely lovely. We had beautiful food, friendly smiles and lots of fun on the day! I will surely return for another workshop in the near future and have already started reccommending to all my family and friends! x
— Tane, April 2016
I didn’t think it would be so easy to get started in watercolour painting but Sarah made it so clear and easy, not that i think I’m anywhere near as talented as she is but I’m looking forward to creating my own masterpieces.
— Sharron, April 2016
Sarah provided an excellent overview of painting with watercolour and we had plenty of opportunity to get straight into it and create on our own while she provided tips along the way. The space was beautiful and I wanted to stay all afternoon painting! Overall experience was wonderful and I would definitely recommend to anyone - creative or otherwise!
— Lenka, April 2016
Had such a wonderful couple of hours at the colour for cause workshop. Bel, Bree and Sarah were such amazing hosts - they provided a delightful grazing table of food, delicious wine and most importantly and super fun and creating atmosphere. The artist, Andrew was there with us chatting and colouring. The big smile we all had never left our faces and stayed with us when we left. What a great night
— Jodie, April 2016
Great Class, Libby from ‘Threadfolk was great, she customized all our pieces individually and was extremely patience with us. A good teacher. The Windsor workshop is a great place, the ladies have set this up perfectly, beautiful flowers and table set up made us feel very welcome and special. Lunch, tea and coffee on tap was amazing and a great bonus. This is just how i want to do a workshop. Ill be back for more. A great set up by three lovely ladies.
— Sherlaine, March 2016
Was a fantastic workshop. I learnt a new skill in such an amazing environment. The ladies who ran the workshop were so friendly, welcoming and just really lovely ladies. The food was amazing, and the work space is so divine. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!
— Lisa, March 2016
This workshop was amazing, we walked away with everything we needed to complete our family portrait and a sound knowledge of cross stitch. The attention to detail in the kit was faultless. Libby was lovely and so talented, so glad I had the opportunity to do this class. Oh and the food, the space and the banter were of course first class as well :)
— Georgina, March 2016
This was a wonderful day. We learnt the basics of watercolour in a gorgeous environment, with excellent guidance by Sarah and the Windsor Workshop team. The whole day was perfect - friendly, warm atmosphere, delicious food and drinks and inspiring instruction and opportunities to learn. Thanks ladies! I’ll definitely be back :)
— Catherine, Feb 2016
Thank you again for such a fun and beautifully thought out workshop. It was such a lovely afternoon.
— Polly, Feb 2016
What a beautiful place! Wonderful well ran workshop with a delicious grazing lunch. Can’t wait to do another workshop there soon!
— Nikkita, Dec 2015
A wonderful workshop with the amazing Ingrid Tufts making tiny pinch bowls and Christmas ornaments from porcelain. The space was gorgeous and the food even better - I can’t wait to book another workshop!
— Mirelle, Dec 2015
I love this class. I’m not that artistic but it was lots of fun and I would love to do it again. 5 Stars!!
— Roseanna, Dec 2015
My best friend and I attended Mexican Embossed Earrings with Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and had one of the loveliest days ever. The space is beautiful, the tables had been gorgeously decorated, materials and course notes were provided and beautifully presented. Out tutor was one of the leading contemporary jewellers in Australia. Our warm and welcoming hosts also provided us with an incredible Mexican feast with plenty of amazing food and drink available to make us feel thoroughly spoilt. It’s like the craft version of a spa day. There is nothing else quite like it and I highly recommend it to anyone considering attending an event at The Windsor Workshop
— Ramona, Dec 2015
Learnt everything I know about watercolour currently. I had never used water colour before so basic things like, the best way to work the brush with water colour. I learnt about the level of water and how that controls the strength of the colour. And then all the techniques that Sarah taught us like, blending colours, fading colours, circles, splats, working with the white space of the images, combining colours, and then learning to let go and watch the water colours do there magic.
— Ellie, Nov 2015
“Hi Bree, Sarah, Bel,

Thanks so much for the workshop, I really enjoyed it. It was such a creative fun atmosphere. And what a great space you have, I loved the feel of the room.

To get together with other creative people and enjoy the experience of learning something new together was really fun, it gave me a burst of creative energy. You were so welcoming and friendly, and all the other girls were so nice too. It was great to hear about everyones backgrounds and why they were there and to share our creativeness. I would love to do more workshops.

And the Insta Love was a great idea :)
— Hayley, Nov 15
Watercolour Summer Harvest Class with the AMAZING @sarahhankinson & the gorgeous @thewindsorworkshop team! Perfect way to spend your Saturday. The Windsor Workshop sure know how to host! Watercolour Summer Harvest just went to a whole new level!!! 😍😍😍
— Annie, Nov 15
I couldn’t have spent my Saturday doing anything better, but maybe hanging out with my fur babies! @thewindsorworkshop is such an amazing space. Thanks to @sarahhankinson for the wonderful class, you are a great teacher. What an amazing lunch spread at @thewindsorworkshop I felt super spoilt, I even got wine! I forgot to get a photo before it was ravaged by eager hands.
— Month of June Design, Dec 15
The workshop was beautiful and amazing. I would do every one if I could!
— Anna, Nov 15
An oversized thank you to peaches and Keen and Santiago Sunbird for running such a beautiful workshop!
— Brookearts, Nov 15
I had so much fun experimenting with watercolour and embroidery and meeting such talented ladies at the workshop today. Thank you Belinda, Bree, Sarah, Lucy & Lily for your hospitality and seamless lesson at such a beautiful space
— Lauren, Nov 15
I had a great day, and must have been inspired because I went home, collected a tonne of leaves and did more watercolouring at home! Thanks for the awesome day
— Kushla, Nov 15