A studio visit to one of Melbourne's most creative co-working spaces, is an enriching experience your school kids will not forget.  Keep up to date with current trends in the art and design worlds, by including a tour of our co-working space, a presentation by 3-5 artists based on life as a freelancer, career options in the field and then finish off with a creative mini workshop.  

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I wanted to thank you for your incredible generosity in hosting our group of Year 11 students last month. They found the experience to be incredibly informative and inspiring.
— Kristen, Head of Arts
I loved visiting Windsor Workshop. I knew that I wanted to do something creative after school but now I’m sure.
— James, Year 11
It was amazing to hear from people who are making a living from their creative passion. I am so inspired now.
— Emilie, Year 11
I had no idea that places like that existed. It made me feel like there is so much potential for a creative career.
— Genevieve, Year 11
Hearing the backgrounds and stories of photographers, writers, designers and illustrators helped me understand that I have lots of options after study.
— Louis, Year 11