We welcome groups of students to meet with our co-workers and to take part in a series of short talks detailing their chosen art or design practice.  Students will be privy to discussions on what a ‘freelance’ life entails and how to create a career as a freelancer / small business owner.  This session is designed to be inspiring and motivating to students giving them insight into the design and entrepreneurial skills these artists and freelancers possess. 

Come and visit us at our co-working space for an industry insider tour! We can accommodate small groups of students to participate in short talks and question & answer sessions, in order to gain an insider’s perspective on career opportunities within the design sector.

Within our co-working space we have a range of freelancers and entrepreneurs:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Fashion Designers / Interior Designers
  • Public Relations 
  • Small Business Owners


Your students will have the opportunity to see a ‘real life’ example of what it looks like to become a freelancer in your chosen field.  A presentation from 3 - 5 of our co-workers, detailing first hand information on how to succeed as a freelancer / how to get started / tips and tricks to make it in the real world, as well as an informal question and answer session to finish. 

This is particularly advantageous from a career perspective, giving students a realistic insight into what is involved in the working world as freelancers / small business owners. We will finish the session with a mindful colouring in / painting activity using artwork from one of our well known Illustrators.

Students will leave feeling inspired, motivated and reflective on the creative field and options within this industry.

Tours can be customised to suit all ages. We also have artists available for school visits and workshops.

All enquiries welcome   -


I wanted to thank you for your incredible generosity in hosting our group of Year 11 students last month. They found the experience to be incredibly informative and inspiring.
— Kristen, Head of Arts
I loved visiting Windsor Workshop. I knew that I wanted to do something creative after school but now I’m sure.
— James, Year 11
It was amazing to hear from people who are making a living from their creative passion. I am so inspired now.
— Emilie, Year 11
I had no idea that places like that existed. It made me feel like there is so much potential for a creative career.
— Genevieve, Year 11
Hearing the backgrounds and stories of photographers, writers, designers and illustrators helped me understand that I have lots of options after study.
— Louis, Year 11